Custom Projects

Here at Nåkab we have a passion for custom projects. We build and customize everything from American Pick Up’s and commercial vehicles to extreme ”Fast and the Furious” cars. We guarantee the best quality and service from the planning stage to the finished product. With nearly 25 years experience in the industry and over 600 prizes won at national and international competitions, it’s a guarantee we can confidently stand behind.


The process usually begins with you having an idea you want to realize. Together with our expertise we sit down and plan, draw and see how we can make your vision to become a reality in the best and most cost effective way. When the concept pictures have been developed, then the craftsmanship begins to produce, for you, a perfect car. We do everything from renovation of the engine, sheet metal, chassis modifications, electronics, interiors and of course custom painting made by our artist and brother Kenny Samson Church.

Kenny has done custom paint jobs on cars and motorcycles since 2002. The first car he ever airbrushed won first prize at the Auto Sport Action Meet 2004. Today, with over 60 prizes won for best paint, his artistic expertise and skills talks for itself. After about 2 months (depending on the project), you have your dream car ready to drive out of the workshop.


We work for both individuals and businesses. Some of our clients include: Nike, Skoda, Sadle and Saber, Venditor and many others. We love to be creative with you and create new trends. We have built everything from building in 48 speakers and an aquarium in a Honda Civic to turn inside out on a Skoda car. If you have an idea, do not hesitate to contact us and we will ensure that your vision becomes a reality.