Below you can watch and take part in a selection of projects we have built over the years. Here you can see everything from show cars that is made ​​under 24 hours to exhibition cars. Everything from American Pick Up’s to properly styled “Fast and the Furious” cars. Looking for a special car that we have built but you can not find in the gallery below, please do not hesitate to contact us at


As one of the leading companies in the Nordic market when it comes to custom build cars, we have over the years received numerous requests for special made cars for various commercials and video projects, below you can see some of them. Do you have a project that needs a car with ”a lot of extra” do not hesitate to contact us for pricing.


Exhibition Cars

Our exhibition cars are projects that we have built for shows, exhibitions or competitions. Over the years, we have won a total of over 600 prices in national and international competitions for our styled exhibition projects.


Show Cars

Here below you can take advantage of some of our show constructions. Show constructions are styled and build during mass, usually for a period of 24 hours up to a week. Show constructions is incredibly fun but at the same time very demanding. Here is an excellent opportunity for the viewer to take part in the process.