Welcome to Nåkab! We are here to help you with everything regarding your car and motorcycle. We work with custom projects, tuning, service, sheet metal, paint jobs, custom paint jobs, services, insurance jobs, spare parts, rims and tires. We specialize in Pick Up’s and American cars. Nåkab U.S. cars was originally founded in 1984 by Åke, Peter, Jimmy and Kerstin Samson Church. At that time the company was called “Nåkab Scandinavia” and it’s main business was the procurement and sale of bankrupt companies. 1986 the Samson Church family started ”Allproffs Transport”, a small transport company with two cars and four employees. In 1989 , the company had grown to 12 cars and thirty employees. At this time, the company Nåkab as it is today, was starting to take shape. The cars had sponsor logos on the sides, so Jimmy and Peter thought that the trucks should stand out and attract attention. To get a unique look, spoilers and front grills in stainless steel was built on the trucks. On may the 2, 1989 the first Nåkab store opened in Västberga in Stockholm. To start with, the store only sold spare parts and accessories for vans and trucks, but 1991 the demand for a repair and service workshop increased and Nåkab, with its garage and services, as it stands today was started. Today you can find our workshop at Harpsundsvägen 142 in Högdalens industrial area.


Today we at Nåkab U.S. cars with our to innovative solutions, high quality and good service has become one of the leading companies in Northern Europe when it comes to custom design of cars and motorcycles. With over 600 prices won for everything from paint jobs to custom designs, we are delighted that our name is associated with quality and innovation. We care about our customers and make sure to always do our job with the highest quality and creativity. Many of our customers have been with us since the start in 1989.


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Peter & Jimmy with staff.